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Impact Hub Zürich offers a series of programmes designed to help you grow from ideas to action. In collaboration with our members and partners, our programmes aim to help you accelerate your learning, meet great talent and connect with new collaborators. Register for our programmes today.



Status: Start-up applications are being reviewed

Summerpreneurship brings early stage impact-driven start-ups together with talented students who are looking for an exciting summer internship with a duration of 8-10 weeks (in the period between June and September 2014). This way students will have an unique experience of getting to know the social entrepreneurship sector. At the same time, social entrepreneurs will get valuable support to drive their ventures. An innovative education program complements the internship, making Summerpreneurship a mix between a summer school and internship for the students and a HR management learning journey for the start-ups. The potential interns and start-ups have the opportunity to have a first meet-up during a speed-dating kick-off event on March 20, 2014.

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Status: ongoing

Climate-KIC, Impact Hub Zürich and WWF Schweiz are looking for innovative, scalable ideas to tackle climate change. Thus we have launched the innovate4climate (I4C) competition. At I4C you can submit and develop ideas whilst collaborating with others. You can gain traction and win support worth up to CHF 15’000 to turn your early-stage idea into a full-fledged concept including a thought-through business model. Interested? Then check it out here.

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Social Impact Start

Status: apply now!

Impact Hub Zürich, social impact and SAP Schweiz AG are looking for start-ups that adopt innovative and scalable methods to tackle social and environmental problems. social impact start (SIS) supports social start-ups from idea through implementation in a 4-8 month incubation stipend. All social and/or environmental ideas are welcome! If you are working on a problem specifically tackling climate change, also check out Innovate4Climate.

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Impact Hub Fellowship Kinder und Jugendliche

Status: Bewerbungen werden gesichtet

Menschen mit neuen Ideen stehen vor Herausforderungen: Für die Verwirklichung ihrer Vorhaben fehlt es ihnen oft an Kontakten, Know-how oder finanziellen Mitteln. Das Impact Hub Fellowship unterstützt engagierte Personen dabei, ihre innovativen Projektideen zur Förderung von Kindern und Jugendlichen umzusetzen. Mit Coaching und Vernetzung, mit finanzieller Förderung und einem Arbeitsplatz am Impact Hub Zürich möchte das einjährige Programm Projektideen zum Durchbruch verhelfen. Das Fellowship ist eine gemeinsame Initiative des Impact Hub Zürich und der Stiftung Mercator Schweiz.

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Impact Hub Fellowship on Healthy Living

Status: ended

Impact Hub Zürich and Novartis International AG are looking for the best and most innovative ideas that provide sustainable solutions that promote, support and/or help implement healthy lifestyles in Switzerland. This Impact Hub Fellowship focuses especially on finding answers that meet the increasing challenges of the elderly population. Industrial societies are aging fast. As the generation of baby boomers is getting older, the number of people in Switzerland above the age of 60 is expected to rise sharply within the next decade. This demographic change will deeply affect Swiss society. It will fundamentally transform the composition of the country’s workforce and alter traditional societal structures. The biggest and most tangible changes are expected to affect lifestyles and healthcare. To address these numerous and complex challenges, new entrepreneurial ideas are necessary.

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Status: upcoming

Match.Me.Up! brings you together with impact-driven start-ups. A selected number of participants will be invited to the interactive match-making event with a dynamic speed-dating format. There you will have the opportunity to get to know up to 20 booming start-ups, working towards a more sustainable world employing business principles, who are seeking competent people with professional experience, like you, to complement their team. After the event, there will be individual interviews between the start-ups and their selected candidates to determine who will be matched up.

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Status: Watch out for this program in early 2015

The goal of the Investment Ready Program is to advance social entrepreneurship through capacity building on the side of social entrepreneurs and on the side of impact investors. The program has been initiated by Social-Impact International and the Impact Hub Vienna in fall 2011, with a strong focus on Central and Eastern Europe. In 2013/2014 Investment Ready hosts Warm-up workshops in eight different cities, one of them being Zurich.

Impact Hub Zürich partners with the Investment Ready Program and to organize another Warm-up workshop in Zurich on January 20th at the Impact Hub Zürich. You can sign up here for this year’s edition.

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The development of our program activities is kindly supported by the Hans E. Moppert-Stiftung für nachhaltige Entwicklung



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