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Membership gives you flexible access to our work space, member-only events and the global Impact Hub community. Other benefits include up to 70% discount for space bookings and reduced participation fees for our business help desks. Membership packages are based on how much you use the work space and can be changed monthly. 
We select our members based on the following criteria:
  1. Personal fit: You are purpose-driven, entrepreneurial & collaborative.
  2. Professional fit: Your work focuses on creating positive impact.
  3. Community fit: You add value to our community.
When you send us a membership request (see right), we'll invite you for an informal interview to get to know each other and see if there's a mutual fit. You'll then be invited for a short intake workshop to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!

Membership Packages


Hotdesking time [days/week]

Access to the work space

Complimentary tea and coffee

Discounted access to events (~50%)

Space booking discount (~70%)

Access to HubNet

Invitation to member-only events

Business Help Desk

Register your organization at the Impact Hub

Private locker

Receive mail at the Impact Hub

Included meeting room hours (free if not booked)

Price /month

Hub Connect



60 CHF/per session

CHF 40

Hub 25


9 am - 7 pm

25 CHF/per session

25 CHF/month

10 CHF/month

CHF 125

Hub 50



25 CHF/per session

25 CHF/month

10 CHF/month

CHF 225

Hub 100



25 CHF/per session

10 CHF/month

4 hrs/month

CHF 350

Hub Unlimited



25 CHF/per session

8 hrs/month

CHF 450

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