Hubonauts Alumni Jan-Mar 2014


Eva Tabernig

Eva hosts the Impact Hub on Wednesdays and is looking forward to preparing and enjoying sexy salads with you, while di…

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Roger Basler

I am an entrepreneur, a convinced economist, an Espresso addict, global traveler and language collector, boy scout and web sc…

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Marisa König Beatty

Marisa recently moved to Zürich after 5 years in Brussels and nearly 15 years in NYC. Formally trained as a dancer and chor…

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Sandro Benz

Sandro’s main interests are all kind of sustainability and environmental subjects. Before going to Sweden the forthcoming s…

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Brigit Eichenberger

Being traveler, culture and language lover, Brigit got a bachelor in hospitality & tourism, working for Hilton internatio…

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Rainer Zoglauer

Rainer is a passionate player of all kinds of games - as he see playing as one of the strongest frameworks for learning. How …

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